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Jidka Ceel-Daahir iyo Ceerigaabo marka la dhameeyo waa in loo codeeyo caasimadda jamhuuriyadda federaalka Soomaaliya inay noqoto Ceerigaabo si looga gudbo ciyaala suuqnimada lagu hayo Muqdisho. Changing the capital. Time to Making another Brasilia or Astana. is badly needed. For one Mogadishu is a one clan dominated city makes no sense to be the capital. Secondly its the largest city which breaks the unwritten rule of capitals. Thirdly it has far too much bitter history that makes everyone distrust it.The city doesn’t serve to unite the nation like capitals should, in-fact it disunites the nation with regions going to foreign countries.

The capital should be a city (or a town) shared by diverse clans like Gaalkayo or Erigavo. Ceerigabo is my top pick. Perfect climate for high productivity.Most civilization place of origin had a median temperature similar to Ceerigabo.



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