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We the sultanate of warsangeli, in Sanaag region of northern Somalia, strongly condemn the current debate in the British Parliament and urge the British Government not to proceed with the recognition of Somaliland as a sovereign state for the following reasons: 

  1. The recognition of Somaliland will violate the sovereignty of Somalia and trigger new wars and conflicts in northern Somalia, which has been peaceful. Its unwise, untimely, and provocative and will put off the rekindling hope of the Somali people for a peaceful and prosperous future after a long and devastating civil strife.
  2. Only certain groups of Isaaq tribe and the ruling Junta in Hargeisa are pushing for the secession and the British government is aware of that. All other tribes, the Warsangeli, the Dhulbahante, the Samaroon, the Issa and others are vehemently opposed to the separation from Somalia, the motherland. while notable clans of the Isaaq tribe and prominent politicians of these clans have stated their oppositions to the secession. They know their future interests lie with the Somali people and not some former colonial power in Europe. Let African problems be solved by Africans themselves. We have learned the tragic consequences of outside interventions by the superpowers in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other locations. 

3.This action will also speak new nationalism and conflict in the Somalia and the British government will be seen as neo-colonialists considering the past history of British colonialists as dividers and rulers. The Somalis have never forgotten the partition of their land in to five regions by the British. 

4.We believe that the sponsors’ of this motion are doing for their own benefits. Gavin Williams many have been rewarded by the ruling junta in Hargeisa, but these debates will never benefit the Somali people. Shame on you Gavin Williamson, you got it wrong. 

5.We welcome the position of the British Government as stated by the Minister for Africa and others. We also warn the British parliament about the dangerous consequences of Gavin Williamsons motions which will result in another blunder by the British in the affairs of the Somali nation. 


1. Somali desk foreign Office

2. Minister for Africa. 

3. British Embassy, Mogadishu 

4. foreign Office, Somalia 

Sultanate of Warsangeli, Badhan, Sanaag region.

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