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President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud (HSM) of Somalia is reportedly engaged in a dangerous conspiracy against his own country, a national threat against the unity of Federal Republic of Somalia. According to an informed and reliable news source in London, UK, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and his Damul-Jadid Team have been working on and secretly negotiating with Somaliland Administration to amend the Provisional Federal Constitution in favor of Northwest Regions (Somaliland) by offering them a yet to be created NEW EXECUTIVE POSITION Of VICE

PRESIDENT. This is what current HSM’s campaign for Constitutional Amendment before Federal Parliament is all about. Recall HSM’S current Special Envoy to Somaliland, Abdikarim Guleed, who was also the Head of Somali delegation during Somalia-Somaliland Negotiations in HSM’S First Term at Villa Somalia. Since then, this constitutional conspiracy has been brewing secretly between the parties in the dark halls of Damul-Jadid and Jeegaanta of Muse Bihi. The time has come now for them to run the project in the course of the Second Term of the President HSM.

What is alarming now is the new political developments in London that substantiates the involvement of the British Government in this NATIONAL TREASON against Somali people. Probably, the British Government has been persuaded to support Damul-Jadid’s conspiracy to commit unconstitutional acts to dismantle the NATIONAL CONSENSUS symbolized by the Provisional Federal Constitution. HSM’s current agenda before the Somali Parliament in Mogadishu is alarming and deserves CALL FOR PUBLIC REVOLT.

President HSM recently led a Federal delegation dominated by members of his administration hailing from Somaliland, including Somali Deputy Prime Minister, Salah. Visit of Somaliland Wadani Opposition Leader, who is considered the presumptive next President of Somaliland, Abdirahman Cirro, to London was synchronized with HSM’S visit. According to the news source, there is an understanding now between parties to amend some of the fundamental provisions of the Somali Provisional Federal Constitution specifically enshrined to prevent abuse of power and dictatorship, by creating the post of Vice President, disregarding the fact that this Federal Document is a national charter reached at NATIONAL CONSENSUS. It cannot be amended by the wishes of one tinpot African dictator like Hassan Sheikh Mohamud. Unfortunately, President HSM has been abusing the Federal Constitution over and over again by assuming the powers of the Cabinet and prime minister. He is now illegally an executive president against both the letter and spirit of the Federal Constitution. It has been happening before our eyes, with no checks and balance of power in government. Anybody, who has argument with this statement should refer to the Provisional Federal Constitution.

Furthermore, we think that another obvious objective of this dangerous conspiracy is HSM’S sinophobic attempt to politically marginalize some prominent clans and other major stakeholders of somalia’s body-politic.

As a matter of national urgency, the ball is now in the courtyards of Somali Federal Parliament at its next scheduled session in Mogadishu and Federal Member States to avert this imminent national threat posed by our own president. [Feature photo: Courtesy to The EastAfrican].

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