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Mareykanka oo Safiir cusub u soo magacaabaya Soomaaliya

Madaxweynaha Mareykanka Joe Biden ayaa ka filayaa inuu Safiir cusub u soo magacaabo Soomaaliya, kaasoo bedelaya Donald Yamamoto oo howshiisa diblomaasiyadeed u soo dhamaatay.

Safiirka cusub ee bedelaya Yamamoto ayaa lagu magacaabaa Lary Edward Andre, kaasoo ahaa Safiirka Jabuuti tan iyo sanadkii 2017.


One thought on “Mareykanka oo Safiir cusub u soo magacaabaya Soomaaliya

  1. Jirac

    AMBASSADOR DONALD YAMAMOTO IS THE MOST RESPECTED DIPLOMAT AND MOST EXPERIENCED THANKS HONORABLE AMBASSADOR YAMAMOTO FOR YOUR SERVICE IN THE HORN AFRICA NATION OF SOMALIA ??. Somalis get get another experienced career diplomat Mr. Larry Edward Andre he knows the region very well just like ambassador Yamamoto and the challenges of a challenging world. He have witnessed American ?? military base and Chinese ?? Militry base in Djibouti ?? Very close proximity, and now the Chinese want even further to claim a big price to have a foothold inside Somalia ?? to build ports and other infrastructure which is badly needed to develop the country attached with their own interest so called hunting Taiwanese to gain military base inside Somalia ??. I have laughed when I heard Trump is moving out of the US militry once again abandoning Somalia ?? weeks later I read Chinese are looking militry base inside Somalia I thought it was a joke it was not we now know where they want it’s in puntland and it’s LASQOREY port it’s not Somalis who invited Chinese. Americans abandoned them and gave hope for dictatorial mined people to think otherwise and invite communist China ?? where America ?? invested heavily and no one else dared to challenge one of the most important geo political locations in the world the gateway of Africa Red Sea, and Indian Ocean in the Horn of Africa nation of Somalia ?? No wonder why Farmajo returned his US passport and sided with Qatar ?? and Turkey ?? abandoned traditional alliance with Emarates and in Eye to eye with Puntland state and wants to sign what the Chinese wants to weaken puntland and Emarates relationship instead bringing Chinese military base inside puntland. Talk is cheap I hope America ?? Understands Farmajo his intention is to harm American interest in puntland we Americans to understand his game and re-built LASQOREY and EYL fishing ports instead of Chinese we now know the Governor or president of puntland visited China ?? invited by the Chinese government.I don’t know much but there’s a lot we don’t know what ever is happening it has to be based on the interest of our people Somalia ?? once again thanks ambassador Yamamoto and welcome ambassador Andre. It’s tough time in the Horn of Africa Isias Afawerki is still around in Eritrea ?? Ethiopia ?? is not the way it used to be Djibouti ?? the strong man is back and now Farmajo is the new dictator with two fake years extension welcome Ambassador Larry Edward Andre into the nest of the dictatorial heaven no wonder we’re very close to the Arab world even Israelis are getting their share of dictatorship it’s crazy world no one wants to leave the office. We Somalis don’t need any problems we understand United Arab Emirates ?? issues with QATAR ?? and TURKEY ?? We also understand Chinese are building GWADER port in Pakistan ?? and took over Doraleh port in Djibouti. Of course Emarates wants to challenge Djibouti ?? with Berbera port in the region of Somaliland state of Somalia ?? I’ve been told QATAR ?? wants to build AL ULAA container yard in the far northeast corner of Puntland state of Somalia ?? Which also Emarates and Turkey both wants to do so as well. Garacad port in Puntland which is in the middle of the country on the Indian Ocean is almost complete built by Turkish firm where Qatar ?? signed contracts with the federal government to rebuild Hobyo fishing port in Galmudug state of Somalia ?? we know America ?? built Kismayo port before the civil war and therefore there was a talk to recover sunken ships from the port. So much interest it a messy but we Somalis are welcoming everyone with open hands and we want our friends to know we don’t want any problems at all Somalia ?? is fragile very weak tribal minded people very hard to govern bringing to any problems is suicidal we all hope specially our ARAB brothers QATAR and Emirates can solve their problems and be friends again and Chinese and Taiwanese can solve their problems as well we hope everyone respects Somalia territorial integrity and sovereignty, but also business opportunities are open in the land of plenty where everyone is welcomed and hopefully soon Somalia ?? will build cruise ships terminals to welcome tourists from around the world. Everyone is welcome and we want to teach the world we’re one of the oldest civilizations WE’RE PUNTITES THOUSANDS OF YEARS WE ARE INHERITENS OF CIVILIZATION, KINGDOMS, SULTANATES GARADS, AND LAND OF DARVISHES WELCOME.


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