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Allsanaag 2020 ‘Person of the Year’ CeelDaahir-Ceerigabo Road Project Committee

Allsanaag Editorial

2020 has been quite an eventful year. Nearly a century after the influenza pandemic of 1918 wreaked havoc on the world; we are once again confronted by an invisible enemy rapidly upending our lives.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented economic and social disruption throughout the world. The virus has exposed substantial vulnerability in society and shed light on how fragile everyday life can be.

As we bid farewell to a tumultuous year and welcome a new one with a positive outlook towards the future, we hope that the coming year will bring peace, prosperity and a sense of normality on a global scale.

Fortunately for this deadly virus, with the development of a vaccine and practical change to social behaviours, there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

As we enter another year, it is time for Allsanaag to select and honour outstanding individuals or parties that have positively impacted the community in significant ways and have made a tangible contribution in advancing the social and economic development in the community.

After careful deliberation and a final editorial consensus, we are delighted to announce that the influential Allsanaag 2020 Person of the Year has been awarded to CeelDaahir-Ceerigabo Road Project Committee.

A little over five years ago Sheikh Mohamoud Haji Yusuf, chairman of the project, announced the formation of a steering committee that would oversee the construction of a major highway that would economically, politically and socially connect the Sanaag region to the rest of the country, particularly strengthening the economic ties between Puntland regions.

For some, however, talk of another major project in the region brought back bad memories. They had seen it all, from failed projects to broken promises. It would take a considerable amount of persuasion to get everyone on board.

Although the construction of 220 kilometres of paved road on difficult terrain in a region with little to no existing infrastructure posed a significant challenge, Sheikh Mohamoud and his team saw it differently. They saw opportunities where others saw obstacles. What solidified their commitment to the project was President Dr. Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gaas’ economic policy directive of “Self-sustainable Puntland” issued in 2015.

Keenly aware of the enormity of the task ahead and the responsibility trusted in them, they wasted no time in laying down the organizational structure needed to overcome any difficulties that might lay ahead, and there were many.

More importantly, Sheikh Mohamoud’s integrity, his social skills and natural aptitude for bringing people together to work towards the common goal, played an important role in convincing crucial contributors to the project such as financial institutions, individual donors and community elders who otherwise would have opted to stay on the sidelines.

Though he never sought the limelight, it suffices to say that he has had a hand in every major decision-making process since the inception of the project.

Successfully using social media and television platforms, the team embarked on a lengthy campaign of awareness and fundraising for the financially strained project. Completing both goals in a record time, they were on to the next stage.

The project’s turning point, however, came in May 2015 when former President AbdiweliGaas laid the cornerstone for the construction of the new highway in Ceeldaahir. The event certainly marked the beginning of a new era of economic and social development for the entire region, making generational dreams come to fruition.

After so many years and countless hours of planning, designing and excavation, the crew were ready to roll out the final phase of the project—asphalt paving. In December 2020, the Vice President of Puntland Ahmed Elmi Osman (karaash) accompanied by local and government dignitaries attended the final initiation kickoff.

Neglected and cut off from the rest of the country, finally, with the construction of this vital highway corridor near completion, the potential for economic growth in the region is enormous.

This economically important region encompasses a vast and spectacular area. Sanaag region is home to the Al Madow mountain range and is endowed with untapped natural resources, including mineral deposits, fisheries, livestock, frankincense, myrrh and a pristine coastline suitable for tourism. The investment of this critical infrastructure will surely improve safety, strengthen the connection between communities, create jobs and attract investment to the region.

We extend our sincere congratulations to the CeelDaahir-Ceerigabo road project committee for winning this important recognition from the community for their remarkable determination, exemplary leadership, sacrifice, and hard work. This year’s award could not have been awarded to a better recipient than the dedicated Committee members and their courageous Chairman, Sheikh Mohamoud.

We owe sincere gratitude to every member of the committee: Sheikh Ali Mohamoud Hassan (Ali Celayo), Abdikafi Towfik, Abdi Xundhur, Abdi Hashi, Sheikh Fua’ad Aflow, Abshir Mohamed Huruse, Abdirizak Said Farah (Red Sea), Mohamoud Farah Bile (Cumbul), Mohamed Aydiid (Chairman, Puntland Chamber of Commerce), AbdikadirFarjano, Bashir Ibrahim Haji (Bashir Gurey), and Eng, Aden Yusuf Barre.

Special thanks are due to the former president of Puntland Dr. Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gaas, the current president H.E. Said Abdullahi Dani, the vice president, speaker of the house and the parliament, public servants, university and high school students, the business community, tribal elders, local charitable organizations, the Somali diaspora community and last but not least, the organizers of the creative idea of “Qof Iyo Foosto”


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