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KUWAIT CITY: The Kuwaiti Ministry of Information has decided to suspend a presenter who commended the looks of her male colleague live on air.
A viral Youtube video showed presenter for Kuwait TV Basma Al-Shammar calling her fellow male reporter “mazyoon,” which translates into “the handsome, attractive one” in local dialect.
The male reporter, Nawaf Al-Shiraki, was covering the municipal council elections before he appeared to be adjusting his traditional headwear prior to going on air.
This is when the Al-Shammar alerted him that he was on air, saying: “No need to fix your ghutra, Nawaf, you look handsome!”

The act was considered by some a “flirtation” on the presenter’s part.
However, others wrote on her Twitter feed saying there was nothing wrong with what she said.
A Kuwaiti MP reportedly wrote to the country’s information minister on Twitter saying that such a slip of the tongue should not be tolerated on state television.
A source from Kuwait’s state TV was quoted saying that the anchor had been suspended pending investigation into the incident.

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