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Talyaaniga oo Hirshabeele ugu deeqay LIx milyan oo dolar

Madaxweynaha Dowlad Goboleedka Hirshabelle Dr Maxamed Cabdi Waare ayaa magaalada Muqdisho kula kulmay Safiir ku xigeenka Dowadda Talyaaniga ee Soomaaliya Danjire Tabio Massimo kaasi oo ay ka wada hadleen wax ka qabashada arrimaha fatahaada Beledweyne, waxaana Dowladda Talyaaniga ay ogolaatay Mashruucii in dhowaanba la sugayay ee ka hortagga Fatahaada oo ay ku baxeyso lix Milyan oo dollar (6,000,000$).

Danjire Tabio Massimo ayaa u sheegay Madaxweynaha Hirshabeelle In lacagtaas Dowladda Talyaaniga ay ogolaatay oo ay doonayso dadka reer Beledweyne in ay ku caawiyaan si wax looga qabto arrimaha Fatahaadaha ee ku soo noq noqotay Beledweyne.

Mudane Maxamed Cabdi Waare ayaa uga mahadceliyay caawimaada Talyaaniga, waxaana aqbaarta la xiriirta ogolaanshiyaha Talyaaniga ee lixda Milyan ee ka hortaga Daadadka Beledweyne ay ka dhigantahay Guul muujineysa dadaalka socda ee la xiriira ka hortagga fatahaada.

Lacagtani lixda Milyan ee wax looga qabanayo arrimaha Fatahaadaha ayaa waxaa la soo marsiinayaa oo fulinaya Hey’adda Cunada iyo Beeraha ee FAO.

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  1. raage

    Jidka Ceel-Daahir iyo Ceerigaabo marka la dhameeyo waa in loo codeeyo caasimadda jamhuuriyadda federaalka Soomaaliya inay noqoto ceerigaabo si looga gudbo ciyaala suuqnimada lagu hayo Muqdisho. Changing the capital. Time to Making another Brasilia or Astana. is badly needed. For one Mogadishu is a one clan dominated city makes no sense to be the capital. Secondly its the largest city which breaks the unwritten rule of capitals. Thirdly it has far too much bitter history that makes everyone distrust it.The city doesn’t serve to unite the nation like capitals should, in-fact it disunites the nation with regions going to foreign countries. The capital should be a city (or a town) shared by diverse clans like Gaalkayo or Erigavo. Ceerigabo is my top pick. Perfect climate for high productivity.Most civilization place of origin had a median temperature similar to ceerigabo. Mogadishu is literally surrounded by Hawiye towns and villages and the city is dominated by them since the civil war.It’s unethical for the rest of the clans to accept it as the eternal capital that can unite and heal the nation. We should the capital inland instead of coast were the only country in the world were its capital is on the cost weird. People only want federalism because they dont want to centralize around a one clan city. Countries change their capital city often to a more suitable towns for many reasons,Mogadishu is cursed and is full of Mooryaan,Warlords and Alqushash agents who benefits from these wars.The people in Mogadishu don’t have xeer dhaqan, they also don’t have Isimo like Garaad, Ugaas,Boqor,Nabaddoon, even if they do they are powerless and no one listens to them. One can be done very easily it can be done in a second (Changing the Capital City )The other one has been eluding Somalia for 30 years (Competent Government). I think the latter one is the more important regardless of what the city the capital is in. Reer Unakeh leh: destroyed infrastructure of Xamar, brought the warlord era, created ICU which turned into AS. They failed to liberate their areas from AS because they are AS. ICU was created by SS and Dahir Aweys, which then became AS. I always remind people, Somalia is a failed state because the union has failed clans involved like Sade-HAG. Clans who cannot visit their lands yet they want to be given political power, the only thing they ever contribute is more fracture, if we want a united Somalia, I urge we remove failed clans from the union who are the obstacle to any Somali federation. GM/HS are non functioning and paper based administration with Alqushash controlling their lands. They lack a constitution meaning it wasn’t bottom up approach, your admin is created and thrown out every time a new president comes in Hamar which is another failed city ‘mogadishu’ it reminds me of a city of war with the amount of different military bases. There is nothing to love about HAG, there isn’t one place I can point my finger and say this is ‘HAG’ success story. it’s time to remove Failmucho who has failed to deliver a single security objective in his 4 year term. In-fact when u calculate how much of the budget is dedicated to security and have reports that Alqushash is taxing the national port, it’s time to declare the government has failed to achieve it’s mandate. These qushashi even control Dhusomareeb population and demand they use Alqushash courts in harar-dheere. Why would a country change its capital city? | The Economist https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=19&v=Px_fbGG7cIY&feature=emb_title


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