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Our Somalia is older than the United States. Our Somalia does not need to the United States, but our Somalia needs its people. Mr. President Muse Biixi, history will retain you as a beggar of the colonial powers to ask them how to live, what to believe, and ask the colonial powers to design our somalia again on how they see fit.

Unfortunately, you came into the United States just to do that. You have humiliated the Somali people, African continent and to yourself as well. For your information, America had a civil war from 1861 to 1865. The deadliest civil war left close to two million people. However, after the war, the United States has become the greatest nation on earth.

 Mr. Muse Biixi you came to the United States just to destroy the Somali ambition and humiliate them. Obviously, the Somali people are not beggars, but proud to their nation, name, dignity, religion, and culture. It does not matter how many evangelical you meet within America and what they tell you to believe. Our Somalia will become a great nation again.

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