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Tigrai Online chose Abdi Mohamud Omar as person of the year 2016

After careful consideration of a few selected Ethiopian men and women who worked tirelessly for the betterment of the Ethiopian people we chose Ethiopian Somali regional State President Abdi Mohamud Omar as our person of the year for 2016.

President Abdi Mohamud Omar came to public attention in the summer of 2016 when the shameful crisis in Gonder was on its lowest point. Ginbot -7 armed hooligans and anti peace elements in the Amhara regional state motivated thousands of people to go out and destroy the city’s businesses, infrastructure, and residential houses.

The armed gangs killed many innocent civilians, burned their houses, businesses and deported over ten thousand women and children from many areas of the Amhara region just because they were Tigraians. While they declaring their solidarity with Oromos, they were deporting Tigraians to Sudan. The aim was to create ethnic conflict and bloodshed and destroy the federal system in Ethiopia.

While the federal and Amhara state governments did absolutely nothing, The people of the Ethiopian Somali regional State roar in full force defending the federal system in Ethiopia and standing strong with their brothers and sisters in Tigrai. A massive demonstration was held in Jigjiga city in Somali State. The demonstrators demanded an immidaite stop to the madness in Gonder, Bahirdar, Metema Yohannes and other places in Amhara region.

The Eritrean Satellite Television ESAT TV, VOA Amharic, and other extremist media supporting the backward and shameful action in Gonder tried to portray the demonstrations in Somali State as pressured by TPLF to show support for the government.

The Somali State people worldwide from Norway to the United States came out in the thousands telling the primitive extremists if it wasn’t for the sacrifice of the Tigrai youth to remove the fascist Dergi regime all the miraculous transformation in Ethiopia would not have been possible.

Abdi Mohamud Omar the Somali State’s president went on the media campaign explaining in an amazing eloquence and clarity what was taking place in Gonder. He said all the destruction has nothing to do with freedom, democracy or TPLF domination, it was about demolishing the federal system in Ethiopia and bringing back one ethnic domination to Ethiopia.

At the end the best friend of Gonder/G7 the OLF told them we have nothing in common with you, we are working to disintegrate Ethiopia and establish the Islamic Republic of Oromia on its grave. We hope the backward primitive racist extremists learned a lesson from their greedy and destructive action in 2016.

Abdi Mohamud Omar and the brave people of Somali state, Afar state, and the Harare people stood on the side of justice, on the side of federalism and on the side of the people of Tigrai when it was critical. We the people of Tigrai will remember this for generations to come.

President Abdi Mohamud Omar explains what the Gonder anti peace and anti unity demonstrations are all about.

The Somali Ethiopians are not afraid to express their anger at the backward extremists inside Ethiopia and in the Diaspora. In the past few days the Ethiopian Somli community in London, Norway, and the United States went out in the thousands to show support to the Ethiopian Federal System and express their outrage at bandits of Issais Afwerki and mercenaries of Egypt.

So far the people of Tigrai are patiently waiting to see what the Ethiopian Federal Government is going to do about the criminal acts committed in many Amhara areas against innocent Tigraians.

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