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REF/PRS /OP/OCT. 23, 2016

PRESS RELEASE October 23, 2016

Subject: Puntland’s Fraudulent Selection and Misplacement of Warsangeli Members of the Somali Federal Parliament

The Interim Government of Northeast State of Somalia condemns Abdiweli Mohamed Gaas, President of Puntland State, for the spiteful way in which he interfered with and blatantly distorted the selection of Somalia’s federal members of parliament in the Northeast, particularly the Warsangeli community, which straddles Puntland and Somaliland. This community was already fleeced in a previous (2004) Puntland power grab. In that highly flawed scheme, the community was allotted only five (5) members in the Somali Federal Parliament out of eight (8) recommended by an impartial committee composed of Somali dignitaries from throughout the country.

Now, in accordance with the “plan” outlined by the current so-called “Leadership Forum” in Mogadishu, and tacitly approved by the IC, members of the new Somali federal parliament were to be selected by their respective, prototypical regional committees. However, in the case of the Northeastern Warsangeli Community, the process was unethically manipulated by the President of Puntland, Mr. Abdiweli Gaas—who is beset by a vindictive steak as it relates to issues of interest of this Community.

As a result, he proceeded to disgracefully contravene the recommendations of the regionally selected committee by suppressing the nominees of the community in favor individuals put forth by flatterers. He then let it be known that the full force of Puntland State apparatus was backing the choices approved by him; not those selected by the bona fide committee. Thus, President Abdiweli publicly embarked on a demonstrable case of abuse of power by dictating who would represent a Northeastern community that, for all intents and purposes, lies outside of his purview.

Perhaps, he is doing this out of spite, knowing full well that the Warsangeli community is an integral part of the Interim Northeast State of Somalia, which is currently in the midst of the state formation process.

To make matters worse, he transferred one of the five (5) Warsangeli representatives to President Ahmed Madobe as a part of a horse-trading political deal between them aimed, in part, at skewing the balance of power in Jubaland in favor of the latter. Beyond that, there is no other rhyme or reason for this robbery. For, if the residents of Jubaland State were entitled to additional MP(s), they would have sought them on their own accord—not at the expense of another community, a thousand miles away. At any rate, the Warsangeli community shouldn’t suffer the consequences of a sordid political deal between politicians of other states.

Their patently undemocratic arrangement is nothing but another manifestation of the reckless abuse of power that is prevalent in Somalia for which the SRSG (the Special Representative of the Secretary General) was mandated by the UN to help rectify in order to steer Somalia towards good governance.

President Abdiweli is feathering his nest in this at the expense of my community. President Madobe is similarly in on the deal for his own narrow political purposes. So, it is up to the SRSG now—in furtherance of the goal of good governance in Somalia—to not let craven politicians get away with such a travesty of justice.

What we need is for President Abdiweli is to stop interfering in the affairs of the Warsangeli Community as they exercise their political rights in accordance with the extant laws, rules and regulations of the country. The community alone should choose who will represent them in the federal parliament at both the lower and upper houses. That’s all. It is the fair thing to do! Indeed, it’s the decent thing to do! Thank you.


H.E. Ali Ahmed Fatah
President, Interim Regional Administration
Northeast State of Somalia

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