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Wasiirka arimaha dibadda dalka Austria oo  dooratay y inay  afka Carabiga kaga khudbadayso Qaramada midoobey

Wasiirka rimaha dibadda dalka Austria Karin Kneisslayaa kaga yaabisay shirkii qaemada midoobey markii ay khudbadeeda ku bilowday afka carabiga

As the minister of foreign affairs of Austria, I am able to address you in Arabic,” she told the assembly. “Why do I do that? Arabic is one of the six official languages of the United Nations. I studied Arabic in the UN in Vienna. It is a beautiful language; it is part of the ancient Arab civilization. I also studied in Lebanon during the years of war and learned how people continue with their lives against all odds. This is the secret of life.”

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