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Shirkadda TISL oo la wareegtay Garoonka diyaaradaha Magaalada Boosaaso

2 thoughts on “Garoonka diyaaradaha Magaalada Boosaaso

  1. Jirac

    This is the biggest mistake ever puntland make and I hope I got elected next election or Faisal Roble to correct too much errors puntland is making for the emarates. The bottom line is where’s the port of Bossaso to expend? If they can afford to close they’ll so we can use where there’s lucrative for them like Barbera why give them the airport too? Mr. Deni and Ahmed krash make a plunder right in front of them I guess The Vice President is too old and “Deni” just is not thinking next generation needs and strategically. I’m really upset about this news look Dorale port in Djibouti no further than they went Berbera you’ve to use your god given brain and use it.Deni and Ahmad karash needs to go. I don’t hate Emarates but everyone is looking after their own interest it was not our interest to trust them too much and gave them our facilities.

  2. Mustafa noor

    Kow . Puntland uma laha xaq in ay dowlad kale heshiis la gasho
    Waayo maha dawlad metsha wadan ee waa maamul heer gobol.
    Markaa ayaa waxa kale laga hadli doonaa


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