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Madaxda Puntland oo saldhigii labaad ka diiwaangelinaya Ciidamada Puntland ee gobolka Sanaag

Gudoomiyaha Golaha wakiillada Mudane, Cabdirashiid Yuusuf Jibriil oo Magaalada Ceelbuh ee Gobolka Sanaag ka daah furay diiwaangelinta Ciidamada.

2 thoughts on “Ciidan kale oo la diiwaan geliyey

  1. raage

    We need a govt based on districts. If u don’t control your district, you dont’t speak for anyone in the land except yourself. Thats why Alqushaash, Qatar, Fahad Or Anyone Can Ride These Hawiye Niggas, Nin Aan Tashan weeye. Time For Aggressive Puntland Politics To Shake Things Up. Somalis and International community has taken advantage of Puntland peaceful unity politics, while they have supported those who are being aggressive and undoing progress. Somaliland to this day has full support from International community with their anti-Somali politics. Sheikh Sharif was installed President when Hawiye United with Al Shabaab refused to work with a Aun Abdullahi Yusuf government. It’s time to Put Puntland 1st and Somalia 2nd. International community today is working with Farmaajo as he undoes the Federalism frame work we agreed on. It’s overdue and time Puntland bring out its arms. It’s no longer in our interest for the federal government to continue to exists on the current path it is on.
    1. Puntland needs to not recognize Galmudug on Constitutional grounds. Galmudug does not fulfill the two or more gobals to form a Federal State.

    2. Puntland forces need to take the whole of Galkacayo under its arm and should no longer support this stupid independent neighborhood in one of its major cities.

    3. Declare the whole of Mudug including Hoobyo as Puntland territory.

    4. Force earlier Federal elections and not recognize nor work with Federal Government until new elections happen where Farmaajo iyo PM are not allowed to participate.

    5. Declare independence if these conditions are not met, and declare all of Mudug as part of the new State of Puntland.

    6. Deploy all of Puntland arm forces to Mudug to secure our borders.

    1. Dalmar

      Sorry my friend, thats not our way. We rather win the hearts and minds of the Harti cCan, then deal with Iidoors(Soomaalileens).

      The other point you mention with Galmudug, we will make full seperate states for north and south Mudug, so they will become legal. Thats the Puntland way, helping your People to get it right.


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