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Genocide in Sanaag Region by Somaliland Military Forces

Garbsare United Council (GUC), an independent Somali civic society organization, based in Sanaag region of Somalia, condemns in the strongest terms the unprovoked armed attack by the one-clan Hargeisa-based secessionist administration “Somaliland”.

GUC condoms the coordinated attack by the Somaliland Marine Forces & Habar Younis Isaaq clan militia against the Warsangeli community in Shidan District of Sanaag region, in the early hours of March 21, 2021.The Somaliland Marine Forces, along with their allied Isaaq militia, carried coordinated attacks against the civilian population of Shidan District and committed atrocities and crimes against civilian population.

According to reports coming from that region, the Somaliland Marine sudden invasion resulted in the massacre of 50 civilians and abduction and imprisonment of 17 local men. In addition, the invading forces destroyed water wells and looted properties including several vehicles.

The massacre and killings of innocent civilians and committing such heinous crimes against the local population of Shidan District lies on the doorsteps of Somaliland Secessionist Administration, as well as the local criminals headed by the Governor in Erigavo. The One-clan secessionist administration is bent in the subjugation and enslavement of the none Isaaq clans inhabiting Northern Somalia who oppose secession and believe in a United Peaceful Somali country.

GUC wishes to bring to the attention of the international community’s development funds provided to the Somaliland administration is used to buy lethal weapons which is used to subjugate and terrorize against unarmed civilians of the Warsangeli clan in Shidan District of Sanaag Region.

We call upon the United Nations’ Human Rights Council, The African Union’s Human Rights Commission, non-Governmental Human Rights organizations, and the rest of the international community to condemn and respond promptly to human rights violations in Somalia’s northern region of Sanaag.

We also urge the Security Council members to investigate the indiscriminate killing of civilian committed by Somaliland and put pressure on ‘Somaliland’ which very existence depends on the generosity of the international community to put an end to their expansionist and forceful occupation of Warsangeli land in Sanaag region.

Garbsare United Council.               Email:   guc@maakhirunitedcouncil.org

4 thoughts on “Genocide in Sanaag Region by Somaliland Military Forces

  1. Jirac

    I promise you this whatever propaganda they make SNM and their English allies will pay a heavy price. We’re already in talks with the Chinese military in Djibouti the government of puntland is also in talks with Chinese companies to rebuild LASQOREY port but the Chinese are demanding a full military base “WE WILL GIVE THEM” there’s no tribe that can win another tribe in Somalia. OUR PEOPLE PLEASE FORGET WHAT IS SO CALLED INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY it’s been 30 years of looting, terrorizing, and destroying infrastructure and livelihoods enough is enough fuck UK. We can handle Isaaq clan whatever it takes to defend our people.

  2. Jirac

    Sorry I came back again I know our people don’t like to talk “patience” I’m not young but when you see reports after reports of atrocities there’s someone like me whom can’t be quite I have to speak up. My grandfather’s “Dhico” blood ? will not be in vain ever I know in the eyes of those who murdered him was a terrorist in late 18th early 19th century that’s why we always said “Ama singa Singa keen ama sanka dhuudhi keen gacantaydu mar un way ku gaarin” in translation of my understanding is all about the oppression troops was from India and some African countries I don’t know which country but whatever they meant they were determined to defend their homeland, and we’re determined to do so again and again we were never been violent we’re a very patient people absolutely no doubt. I will repeat to my people there’s nothing called international community nothing is also called human rights no such thing exists so please forget international community they’re fuckers they love innocent peoples blood ? they love to beg them we’ve to stand up and defend our people from atrocities committed by SNM or Isaaq tribe

  3. Jirac

    Haddaad u qabtaan inaan ciisheysnahay wixii horay u dhacay idin kuba waad aragtaan bal eega dadkanaga kaliya WARSANGELI TRIBE bal ila eega siday u qaybsameen qeyb waa in Djibouti, qeyb waa Eritrea, qeyb waa jubaland, qeyb waa in Banadir, qeyb waa Ogaden or Somali state ama Somali galbeed dhulkanagii qeyb Isaaq tribe ayaa magacyadii ka bedelay sida Daarood ku xaar iyo magacyo aan la garaneyn. Aad baan u fahamsanahay in dadkanaga nabada iyo horumanka jecel yihiin lakiin waa in la xakameeyo dhiiga daadanaya maanta waa shidan iyo yube in 52 qof oo masaakiin ah oo la laayo qaarna la qafaasho oo bad iyo beri laga soo weeraro wax aan qaadan karno ma’ahan. Talaldayda waa sideedii Suldaanka lama dhaafi karo iyo iney xaaraan naga tahay sidii dhaqankeenu ahaa qof Muslim ah dhiigiis xoolihiis Muslim or non Muslim waa sideedii taas ha la adkeeyo ana kuma talinayo lakiin SNM xargahay soo goysteen waa alamtra wada noolaansho iyo walaaltinimo mid Muslim nimo mid darisnimo way dumiyeen. Anigu waan fahmayaa inaad I xakameynaysaan waana aqbalay 100% wabilaahi towfiiq.

  4. Jama

    I agree with Jirac, it’s time to forget about the so-called international community and liberate Sool and Sanaag for good. The Harti and Daarood should never play the victim card and complain about the small terrorist tribe in Hargeisa. Uniting Somalia is even more important now than even as SNM resorts to the same violence they accused Siad Barre. Shame on the animals in Hargeisa. It is about the time to burn down that shit hole Isaq enclave


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